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The Board of Directors of Ventura Regional Sanitation District desires to ensure that a publicly controlled landfill remains in existence in Ventura County for as long as possible as an alternative to a solitary, privately owned landfill. Therefore, the Board desires to optimize the use of the Toland Road Landfill by filling to previously approved final fill grade elevations. Doing so requires modification of the landfill's Conditional Use Permit (CUP). The Board has chosen to request adding daily tonnage to the CUP vs. increasing disposal rates for Ventura County residents.
Pertinent Points from the CUP Application Submitted to County Planning
• Increase daily tonnage (300 additional tons per day, from 1,500 to 1,800
• Eliminate the 2027 closure date
• Eliminate the 15-million ton lifetime maximum tons
• Modify the conditions of approval of the Biosolids facility
• Same footprint/same grades
Local Impact of Proposed Changes
• Fifteen additional truck trips per day, remaining well below previously approved limits
• Hours of operation remain the same
• No additional heavy equipment required for proposed increase to daily tonnage
• Reach final grades faster
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