Pipeline cleaning and inspection
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Hidden beneath the streets, sewer pipelines are an unseen, yet vital,
part of a community's infrastructure. Like any other essential system,
sewer lines require regular maintenance to function properly. Sewer
pipelines are subject to breakage, water infiltration, root intrusion, and
grease build-up, all of which can lead to poor performance, dangerous
sewage back-ups, and costly repairs.

VRSD can help prevent such problems or correct them in their early
stages. Our trained, experienced technicians use state-of-the-art
equipment to thoroughly clean sewer lines, remove blockage-causing
debris, and identify potential trouble spots, all without costly and time-
consuming excavation.
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Our clients rely on us for:
• Regular line cleaning and inspection
• Sewer manhole and lateral inspection
• Wet well and grit chamber cleaning
• Grease build-up removal
• Lateral locating
• Root abatement
• High-pressure wash-down
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